Blake I. Collier

Writer / Draftsman / Horror Fiend

Born within the 'shitstorm' of the Texas Panhandle. Writer. Draftsman. Horror fanatic. Hip Hop Head. Find all of my writing here.

Blake I. Collier grew up in Canyon, Texas and graduated with degrees in history from The University of Texas at Arlington & Texas Tech University. He currently works for Daman + Lechtenberger as a draftsman, but can boast a variety of work experiences: rental property maintenance, Barnes & Noble bookseller, interim college minister, and even a warehouse manager for a Belgian toy company.

During the last 10+ years, he has developed his writing style and focused in on the subject that allows the words to flow most freely: horror cinema. Occasionally, he also writes on his father’s battle with Alzheimer's disease, music, and television. He has designs to write a nonfiction book exploring theology and horror along with fiction, especially short stories.

He, now, resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he lives with his wife who doesn't like horror and doesn't find him particularly funny, but she loves him nonetheless. And, really, what more could you ask for?