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Born within the 'shitstorm' of the Texas Panhandle. Writer. Draftsman. Horror fanatic. Hip Hop Head. Find all of my writing here.

On Horror

In the Event of a Cosmic Horror Series:
Pt. 1
Pt. 2: The Slasher
Pt. 3: The Living Dead
Pt. 4: The Apparition
Pt. 5: The Creature Feature
Pt. 6: The End (Is Not The End)

Mockingbird at the Movies: Evil Dead (2013)

Halloween 2014 Series (in collaboration w/ Ian Olson):
"Is This Real Life or Is This Just Fantasy": Carl Dreyer's Vampyr (1932)
"Just The Two Of Us": Robert Harmon's The Hitcher (1986)
"Strange Fascination, Fascinating Me": John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)
"I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight, Oh Lord": Frank Darabont's The Mist (2007)

The Dirty Deacon's Top Horror Films of 2014...And Other Related Matters

Halloween 2015 Series (in collaboration w/ Ian Olson):
A Soundtrack For All Hallow's Eve, Pt. I
A Soundtrack For All Hallow's Eve, Pt. II

The Dirty Deacon's Top 10 Horror Films of 2015

Halloween 2016 Series (in collaboration w/ Ian Olson):
Ian & Blake's Terrifying Top Fives: This Season's Best Horror Double Features
Ian & Blake's Terrifying Top Fives: October's Creepiest Urban Legends
Ian & Blake's Terrifying Top Fives: This Season's Best Introductions to Horror For Kids
Ian & Blake's Terrifying Top Fives: The Scariest Short Stories for the Halloween Season

The Dirty Deacon's Top 10 Horror Films of 2016

On Alzheimer's

A Vision for the Storms


"We Just Have to Find a Way to...(Sigh)": Wallander and the Memory of God

When Kiss Means Kill: Reflections on the Apocalypse of Language

On Music

Levi Weaver & the Ghosts that Keep Finding Him

The Neve 8028: Shaping the Contours of Creativity and Freedom Since 1973

New Music: Jars of Clay's Inland

"We Rap About What We See, Meaning Reality": The Prophetic Voice of Hip-Hop

Ain't Nuthin' But Frontin': Best Hip-Hop of 2013

The Berserker In Us All

In collaboration w/ Carl Laamanen:
New Music: Propaganda's Crimson Cord
The Gaslight Anthem Got Hurt

In collaboration w/ Matthew Linder:
New Music: Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence
New Music: French Style Fur's Is Exotic Bait


BBC's Luther, Ssn 3 Series:
On TV: John Luther Suffers For Us All
On TV: A Hero Lies Down Under His Past, A Villain Rises Up From The Dark
On TV: Love Is A Many-Splintered Thing
On TV: Why BBC's Luther Is The Scariest Show On TV
On TV: When Grace Reaps A Whirlwind
On TV: The Strange Grace of BBC's Luther

On TV: Salvaging This Season of Parenthood

The Day I Confessed My Sins To Louis C.K.

Louie, Ssn 4 Series (in collaboration w/ Howie Espenshied):
On TV: Louis C.K. Babels About The Language of Love
"Louie" Discussion 2.0 - A Season 4 Recap

Some Things Can't Be Solved: The Formation of the New Detective

Phi-lippin' Philippians: Tony Hale and Stephen Colbert Play Bible Games

On Film

For Those Who Love Poorly: Forgiveness in The Woodsman & Around The Bend

In Memoriam: Robin Williams (1951-2014)

On Life

Grace When Justice Miscarries: The Story of the West Memphis Three

Failure is Always an Option: Reflections on Searching My Way Out of a Job

Of Death & Southern Comfort: The Making of an Everyday Priest