...and so it begins

So I finally gave in, paid big money (for me, anyways) and got myself a "big boy" personal website through Squarespace. 

For a guy who has come a long way in his online presence, this is pretty intense to say the least. But I figured it was the right time, I have enough articles and podcasts and other content out there to warrant creating a space in which all of it could be found easily (and, on the whole, cheaply), so my family (aka my biggest and, probably, only fans) could find all I had written. Hence the act of putting my money where my mouth and pen are. Oh, and, plus, my ego is at an all time high. I mean to have a personal website that focuses on me and my accomplishments takes a certain level of egotism, which I have finely tuned over the last ten years or so. Go, me! Gettin' my Joel-Osteen-best-life-now steez going on right now! Sarcasm implied.

My first blog/online presence was actually on the (nearly) prehistoric Xanga community of blogs. Thankfully, I don't think any of that period of my writing life can be dug up anymore...and we are all better off for that. Trust me.

I eventually moved over to Tumblr--ye harbinger of all things socially conscious and politically correct; where the online equivalent of stoning could happen at any moment. Thankfully, I survived, unscathed--where I had a blog and presence from 2010 to 2015, though I hadn't posted much on it in the last year or so. It was here that I started to hone my writing more and more and here where I became blessed by a gathering of diverse people, with various beliefs and perspectives, that challenged my views, beliefs and values. I wouldn't be the writer or the man I am now without the friendship and imprint of these people: Aubrey Jakob, Eric Michael Ward, Garnet Kim, Micah Ruelle, Zachary Fletcher, DJ Paine, Ivana Obradović, among others. 

It was 2012 that really changed the type of online and writing presence I had when Mockingbird so graciously gave an untried writer a shot at writing for a bigger audience than he had ever written for in the past. So thankful that David Zahl was willing to take a risk on me. Soon after I would start writing for and participating in the online forum that is Christ & Pop Culture, which has stretched my writing in many ways as well. Through the communities I found myself in with these two sites, I began to branch out into collaboration on all sorts of fronts: blogs (The 5ive Blog w/ Ian McLoud, Matthew Linder & Jeremy Doan), podcasting (Impossible to Say w/ Carl Laamanen; The Smell of Music w/ Jeff Wyrick (one of my best friends!), Cray Allred, Sam Bennett & Clint Carroll; The Body | The Blood w/ Ian Olson & Christopher Hutton), Twitter (@cinematwits w/ Andy Whitfield), etc. I have been truly blessed to be part of all of these endeavors, as well as befriending people from all over, some I have had the pleasure to meet, some I have yet to meet. All of these people are very important to me and I am thankful for their presence. They all shape me in their own ways.

So here I am. Turning over a new leaf with a new website. Same shenanigans, just with a classier look (hopefully!). The Dirty Deacon is coming for you...