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Born within the 'shitstorm' of the Texas Panhandle. Writer. Draftsman. Horror fanatic. Hip Hop Head. Find all of my writing here.

Music Reviews


Music Review: Stranger in the Alps

"This is a strong debut that tempers the sadness and melancholy of the themes with gorgeous melodies and playful production choices."


Music Review: Go Farther In Lightness

"We are not perfect and our brokenness can be read in our social structures and our relationships.


Music Review: Visions of a Life

"While the album relies on several indie rock conventions, there is enough diversity and emotional resonance to transcend its influences into a soundscape of its own making."


Music Review: Science Fiction

"He’s there, haunting Brand New’s music as well, whether they recognize it or not. For he cannot be brought low."


Music Review: Lo Tom

"The more I listen, the more I want to listen. And, currently, that is a musical oddity for me, which is why I cannot say enough about why everyone should buy this album and rock it endlessly."


music Review: The Nashville sound

"Isbell gives a liturgy to the tired, the frustrated, the pain and the sorrows of our days, because he knows that hope always comes from the ashes, from the hard places, and from the seasons of despair."


music review: slowdive

"It is quite a feat after twenty-some-odd years to come back as a band and create something that fits nicely into the corpus of their prior work and, at the same time, propels their sound forward into unsettled territory."